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How CBD Can Improve Romance

February has arrived, and with it, the romance of Valentine’s Day! While many couples look forward to the dedicated moments of intimacy and romance, others struggle with keeping romance thriving and feeling confident and safe in intimate settings. An often overlooked tool to help romance is CBD, and many don’t know how CBD can help couples. 

Below, we’ll talk about how CBD can help put you in a better mental place to enjoy intimacy, remove barriers that can make romance or intimacy difficult, and may even help improve the physical pleasure of physical affection and sex.

1. CBD Can Help Soothe Anxiety

Anxiety can be a huge issue for couples, especially with keeping intimacy feeling happy, healthy, and safe. Some people will avoid sexual intimacy altogether (an issue called sex avoidance) if intimacy spikes their anxiety (which is true of either emotional or physical reasons). 

Chronic issues of anxiety that disrupt intimacy can create an overall negative outlook on the relationship. In a 2010 study, it showed an “association between anxiety disorders and relationship distress” and “showed evidence of fluctuating relationship quality in association with wives anxiety.” 

Anxiety can prevent regular, healthy intimacy, and it can also affect the perception of relationship quality, but how can CBD help? There’s a solid amount of research showing that CBD can help reduce anxiety, and even recent research shows that CBD is effective and safe for treating anxiety (and especially effective when paired with cognitive therapies.)

If you’ve had trouble resolving anxiety that is preventing romance or intimacy with your partner, then CBD might be able to help!

2. CBD Can Increase Sexual Pleasure

CBD may be able to make sex feel better. There’s a number of endocannabinoid receptors in your genitals, reproductive organs, and surrounding tissue, which are the same receptors CBD interacts with in your brain. This may increase blood flow to your sensitive regions, which may increase sensitivity and pleasure. 

For those with female reproductive systems, that increased blood flow increases the production of natural lubrication, too. This can make sex easier, less painful, and more pleasurable.

3. CBD May Help with Erectile Dysfunction

For those with male reproductive organs, erectile dysfunction can be a big barrier to regular intimacy. While the research is still out of CBD can directly help with erectile dysfunction, it can help resolve some issues that may cause it, like:

  • Stress/anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relieving tension

If you know you struggle with erectile dysfunction because of stress, racing thoughts, or feeling tense when intimate or romantic moments arrive, then CBD might be the answer you’re looking for.  

4. CBD Can Help with Low Sex Drive

Another reason couples can struggle with intimacy is simply low libido or a low sex drive, and this problem can be cyclical, too. If you don’t have a drive, then your partner might not feel wanted, which causes emotional barriers, which makes intimacy even harder, which can drive the desire for sex down even further. 

Fortunately, CBD might be able to help increase your libido. In a 2017 study looking specifically at how cannabis might be able to help with hypoactive sexual desire disorder, found that cannabis “may be useful in the treatment of low sexual desire.” 

This study looked at cannabis and not specifically CBD, so if you’re thinking about using CBD to increase your overall drive, you may want to consider full-spectrum CBD

5. CBD Can Help Manage Pain

Chronic pain often kills sexual desire and can make general romantic intimacy difficult. Luckily, there’s solid research to suggest that CBD is great at managing chronic pain, especially for pain where “primary treatments are insufficient or not possible.” If you’ve had nagging pain that makes romance or intimacy challenging, CBD may provide some relief.  

Of course, there’s more to pain than just chronic pain. Some experience pain specific to sex (especially those with female reproductive organs), and that can be a barrier to wanting to have certain intimate moments. CBD may also be an answer here, too. CBD promotes blood flow, which can help relax muscles and increase lubrication for those that struggle to do so naturally during sex.  

6. CBD Can Help Promote Emotional Intimacy and Feeling Connected

Finally, some couples experience intimacy problems because they don’t “feel” romantic. The mood may not feel right, or the idea of non-sexual physical intimacy (like cuddling) may not feel appealing. This feeling of “mood” is different than simply sex drive, and can be much harder to address. Fortunately, CBD may be able to provide a solution through anandamide. 

Anandamide is a natural compound your body creates that is often called the “bliss molecule.” It helps us feel happy, improves our general mood, and can help create desire for physical contact like cuddling. Research has shown that CBD can help “improve signaling of anandamide,” which can promote those feelings that are important to building and maintaining romance.

CBD can help couples improve romance and make intimacy easier, but how you take CBD will impact how CBD specifically affects you. Below, we’ll talk about the two primary ways to take CBD that are ideal for intimate settings, and why you may choose one over the other based on your individual needs. We’ll also touch on specific formulas that may help target specific challenges.

Here, we’ll talk about how couples may want to use CBD to increase intimacy.

Inhale CBD for Fast Results

Inhalable CBD is a popular choice because of how convenient it is to take a puff and how quickly inhalable CBD can be felt. For most people, sensations from inhaled CBD can be felt in around 15 minutes, which makes it a great choice if you find yourself in an unexpectedly intimate setting and want some quick relief. 

An example of inhalable CBD is the PhenoPen, which uses a battery to heat a ceramic coil  to vaporize CBD-infused liquid, which is then inhaled.

Ingest CBD for Longer Results

Valentine’s Day brings with longer dates, planned events, and extended moments of romance. Some may want a CBD solution that provides longer-lasting results (since inhalable CBD only lasts a few hours). Ingestible CBD is very good for this, since it tends to take a little longer to take effect but will generally last much longer than inhalable CBD.

For example, PhenoGel capsules are ingestible capsules specifically designed for maximum absorption (or bioavailability) into the human body. The capsules have a special coating to protect CBD going through the digestive system, and the CBD is microencapsulated, which allows for extended release for longer-lasting effects.

Consider Specific CBD Formulas

Depending on the challenge you’re trying to overcome, a catered CBD formula may provide more targeted results. For example, PhenoLife has developed CBD formulas that are specifically designed to help with anxiety and stress and pain. If you don’t want or need a unique CBD formula, you can always choose something like our original, full-spectrum CBD formula. 

Romance and Intimacy Takeaway

If romance or intimacy is a sore spot in your relationship, CBD may provide you with a real tool to overcome those hurdles. To wrap up, CBD may help with:

  • Managing anxiety
  • Increasing sexual pleasure
  • Helping erectile dysfunction
  • Increasing sexual desire
  • Managing pain
  • Promoting desire for physical intimacy (non-sexual)

How you take CBD matters, too. Make sure to consider if you want:

  • Fast-acting CBD
  • Long-lasting CBD
  • Catered CBD formulas

If you have questions about how CBD can help improve romance or intimacy, ask us! The experts at PhenoLife are happy to answer questions you have and to point you in the direction for a product that will be a great match for your needs. All of our products are backed with a Certificate of Analysis, which proves our products are pure, potent, and safe. 

If you don’t have any questions and are ready to shop, take a look at our online store. Happy shopping and thank you for considering PhenoLife! 

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