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PhenoLife has closed. Thank you to all customers for the support!

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Why You Should Take CBD Everyday

Has it ever felt like taking CBD just doesn’t work? One of the biggest reasons that people don’t feel the best benefits from CBD is because they don’t take it everyday. There’s a lot of research-backed reasons (as well as practical ones) about why you should take CBD consistently. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the reasons why you should take CBD everyday, as well as some practical tips on how to make taking CBD easier and more effective. 

Reason 1: CBD Has a Varying Half-Life

CBD doesn’t stay in your system forever, and how fast it’s eliminated from your body is called its half-life. How long CBD stays in your system will vary on several factors. Your metabolism will impact how long CBD remains in your body (the faster the metabolism, the faster your body can eliminate CBD). 

How you take CBD will also impact its half-life. For example, CBD that is ingested or swallowed generally has a shorter half-life than CBD that is inhaled. However, even if you take CBD orally, research has shown that daily CBD use increases the half-life to 2-5 days. That means taking CBD more often will keep more CBD in your body.  

The half-life of CBD is largely dependent on your metabolism, so some people may need to take more CBD (or less) than others to achieve the same levels of relief.

Reason 2: It’s Easier to Slowly Increase Dosage Levels with Consistent Use

CBD is incredibly safe to use, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have uncomfortable side-effects. Mild side-effects like dry mouth, reduced appetite, gastric distress, and drowsiness are possible (though they tend to go away as your body gets used to CBD). You’re also less likely to experience these side-effects if you start with a lower dose and work your way up. 

If you take CBD everyday, it’s easier to slowly increase your CBD level without having to readjust to CBD being in your system every time. It’s also the easiest way to find your preferred dosage level by accidentally taking too much and having uncomfortable side-effects.

Reason 3: Consistent Use Is Better for Chronic and Acute Conditions

We mentioned this a little bit already, but it’s worth highlighting here: the more CBD that’s in your system, the better chance you have of getting the benefits you want. If you are managing a chronic condition, consistent CBD levels are key to feeling comfortable on a daily basis. 

For acute conditions (like anxiety attacks), consistent levels of CBD will make it less likely for acute episodes to occur and could reduce their frequency.

Reason 4: Research Showing CBD Benefits Almost Always Use Daily Use Studies

Have you ever read the research about the benefits of CBD? While we still need more to have a better idea of exactly how CBD provides its benefits (as well as what those benefits are), there’s a lot of existing research suggesting that CBD has outstanding benefits for users. 

While many of these reports were performed by different research groups studying different things, you know what they almost all have in common? They all gave daily doses of CBD to the patients in the study. Here are a few examples:

  • An often cited study researching how CBD may benefit anxiety and sleep issues gave 25mg of CBD a day to study participants (either in the morning or at night, depending on if they struggled with sleeping or anxiety). 
  • Another study showing that CBD could have a positive impact on pain, sleeping, and mental health issues gave varying doses of CBD to study participants daily.
  • In the book “The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids,” which shows a collection of studies that examined how cannabis may impact a variety of conditions, the
  • The majority of the body of research that shows the benefits of CBD include daily use as part of their study methods. 

If you’re serious about getting the best benefits from CBD, and you’re familiar with the research, then it’s extremely important to take CBD everyday.

The Best Ways to Use CBD Daily

Just because you know that you should take CBD everyday, doesn’t mean you know how to take CBD everyday. Take a look at some of the most common ways to enjoy CBD, along with pros and cons regarding why you may choose one method over the other.

CBD Patches

CBD transdermal patches are another easy way to take CBD everyday. Instead of inhaling or ingesting CBD, a patch allows CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin. Patches are generally worn for 8 hours, releasing CBD the entire time they’re attached.

CBD Patches Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Very discreet
  • Doesn’t need to be swallowed
  • Best absorption rate of any CBD product (80%+)

CBD Patches Cons

  • May not be a good choice for customers with sensitive skin
  • Takes at least an hour for CBD to reach your bloodstream, making it a poor choice for managing acute problems

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules is another popular way to take CBD everyday. The CBD capsule is simply swallowed, just like you would with any other pill. If you want higher doses, take more than one capsule at a time.

CBD Capsules Pros

  • Easy to take
  • Very discreet
  • Long-lasting (ingested CBD takes longer to make its way through your body, so the effects last longer)
  • No taste

What About CBD Oils or Gummies?

CBD oils and gummies are popular CBD products on the market, but they have extremely low bioavailability levels. Gummies and oils are designed to survive your digestive system, so you’ll typically only get 6% of it into your bloodstream. CBD capsules are often designed to survive the digestive system, so their bioavailability levels can be as high as 30%.

CBD Capsule Cons

  • Not a great option of you can’t swallow pills
  • Very low bioavailability (unless you use capsules designed for maximum absorption)
  • Hard to cater the dose (you can’t cut capsules in half)

Inhaled CBD

Inhaled CBD (or vaping CBD) is a common way to use CBD on a daily basis. The device contains a battery that connects to a CBD cartridge, which is heated. This produces vapor, which is inhaled.

Inhaled CBD Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Great for starting with low doses of CBD
  • Easy to travel with

Inhaled CBD Cons

  • Hard to measure a precise dose
  • Not all places allow you to vape
  • The initial effects of CBD tend to be shorter, since it’s processed out of your body faster

How to Find Your Daily CBD Dose

A big part of successfully using CBD everyday is to find a dose that’s a good fit. We have a few tips to help you find your ideal dose:

Start with Small Doses

When possible, start with a very low dose. This will help lower the chances of side-effects while your body adjusts to the CBD. Here’s why low doses can look for like different kinds of CBD:

  • CBD patches: 1 patch
  • Inhaled CBD: 1-2 puffs
  • CBD capsules: 1 capsule

Keep in mind, each CBD method has varying levels of bioavailability, so dosages won’t be consistent across product types. For example, you may need to take higher doses of CBD if you use capsules than compared to CBD patches, since more CBD from the patches actually gets into your bloodstream.

Slow Work Your Way Up to Higher Doses

Once you start with low doses just to see how CBD will impact you, start slowly working your way up to a standard dose. Again, here’s what a standard dose may look like across different CBD products:

  • CBD patches: 1-2 patches
  • CBD capsules: 2-3 capsules a day
  • Inhaled CBD: 10 puffs a day

Ideal dosages will vary from person to person, so don’t be surprised if you need more or less CBD.

Can I Take Too Much CBD?

You can take too much CBD, but it’s extremely unlikely you would accidentally take too much. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends a maximum daily dose of 70mg of CBD, while research suggests it may be possible to take 1,500mg a day safely. 

We recommend following FSA guidelines on dosages unless you are directed to do so by your doctor.

Take CBD Everyday Summary

We’ve covered a lot of reasons why it’s important to take CBD. Taking CBD everyday helps:

  • To keep CBD levels in your body high
  • To find your ideal CBD dose
  • To manage chronic and acute conditions more consistently

Most of the research demonstrating CBD benefits gave study participants CBD everyday, which is another reason you should take CBD consistently. 

Interested in trying CBD but have questions? Reach out to us! The experts at PhenoLife are happy to answer all of your CBD questions to help you find a product that’s a great fit. 

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