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Vape Lung Seemingly Not Connected To Pure Hemp Extract CBD

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Recent news reports have sent the vaping industry into a spin, and with good reason. Following shocking reports of people dying after consuming tainted vape liquid, it turns out that all of the cases included items purchased on the black market, from street dealers or pop-up markets. The incidents are still shrouded in some mystery as various authorities scramble to isolate the offending material in the vape juice pods.

For the time being, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FDA are attempting to get a hold on the situation. Many commentators have noted time and time again that the vaping industry – both for nicotine and cannabis extracts – needs regulating to avoid nasty chemicals getting into vape pods and E-liquids. For their part, the CDC has warned people against using vaping devices as they carry out their investigations.

While some media reports claim that up to 450 people have been affected by the tainted vape pods, it appears that up to five people may have died from the offending vape pods. Dana Meaney Delman from the CDC released the following statement about the crisis.

“CDC, states, and other partners are actively investigating, but so far, no definitive cause has been established. No specific e-cigarette device or substance has been linked to all cases, and e-cigarette includes a variety of chemical and additives; consumers may not know what these products contain,” she said, adding, “Based on the clinical and laboratory evidence to date, we believe that chemical exposure is likely associated with these illnesses. However, and I really want to stress this, more information is needed to determine which specific products or substances are involved,” she said.

Is Vitamin E acetate the culprit?

According to various media reports, a substance called Vitamin E acetate is potentially to blame for the lung issues reported. Vitamin E acetate is officially called Tocopheryl Acetate and is a common vitamin supplement used in various skin creams, and is associated with beneficial antioxidant effects. While it may be a good thing to add to skincare products, the same apparently cannot be said when used as a vape additive. On September 5th, 2019, the FDA in America announced that 10 of the 18 cannabis vape liquid samples tested, all contained vitamin E acetate.

E-Cigarettes or Cannabis Vapes?

It has to be noted that almost all of the cases of lung issues reported involved pods containing THC extract (the psychoactive element in cannabis) and not conventional E-cigarettes containing nicotine or CBD. With that said, as vaping is unregulated, no one really knows the source of the problem with any clarity. Some of the samples tested also contained nicotine, confusing matters even further. Those in the vaping community who only use devices for vaping nicotine-infused vape pens are still claiming on the whole that the issue only affects THC vape pods and liquids.

PG and VG Vs. Pure Hemp Extract

With all the current controversy surrounding vaping, it’s vital to ensure that you’re buying products from reputable vendors who sell safe E-liquid (whether CBD, THC or nicotine). While the victims of the tainted vape juice all appear to have come from black market, THC vape pods, third-party lab reports are a must always when it comes to purchasing vaping products.

PG and VG

The majority of E-liquid and vape pods on the market today contain VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). These are food-grade, chemical-based liquids which enable the compounds to be vaporized in an appropriate device. These liquids are approved by the FDA when it comes to being used in foods but not for vaping. Very few incidents of even short-term medical issues or hospitalization have been reported from conventional and CBD/THC e-Liquid users, however, the long-term effects of vaping these liquids remain unknown.

Pure Hemp Extract

There are a limited number of CBD vendors who manufacture vape pens or E-liquids using pure hemp extract. There’s a process whereby neither VG or PG is used as the carrier liquid in E-cigarettes. Some companies, including PhenoPen, utilize a special process whereby moisture from the extracted hemp plants is mixed together with various cannabinoids to produce a vape liquid that is 100% pure, organic hemp and nothing else.

PhenoPen – Pure Hemp Extract Vaporizer

The good news for those wanting to vape CBD safely is that PhenoPen uses none of the chemicals or synthetic liquids associated with the recent CDC and FDA warnings. Moreover, PhenoPen contains a potent 59.7% CBD concentration, other minor cannabinoids and natural terpenes from the hemp plant, with a total of 150mg of CBD per 0.5ml cartridge. PhenoPen only uses 100% Hemp Extract as the carrier liquid in PhenoPen cartridges. PhenoPen also presents transparent, batch-by-batch, third-party lab reports showing all the ingredients inside.

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