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3 Things You Need To Check Before Buying CBD This Christmas

CBD Xmas

The nascent industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, offering a range of different products for use in the therapeutic application of a variety of conditions. However, with an estimated 12 million different CBD products on the market, buyers need to beware and aware of what they’re purchasing

The fact that the CBD industry is for the time being wholly unregulated isn’t a great thing for consumers. Even some of the most dangerous and damaging human health hazards are brought to consumers in a regulated way. Take tobacco and alcohol as examples of things that cost thousands of lives per year. While both tobacco and alcohol are known to be dangerous and cause no end of troubles for society, they are regulated and can only be sold if they follow industry guidelines. That is not the case for CBD, even though reputable vendors do what they can to be transparent when it comes to things like the source of the CBD and third-party lab-tests.

With Christmas just around the corner and knowing that many people will be buying CBD as gifts for loved ones and friends during the festive season, we’re bringing you five timely tips on what to check for before purchasing CBD.

CBD Oil or CBD Vape Liquid?

The first point of order to discuss is the difference between CBD oil tinctures (AKA CBD drops), and CBD vape liquid (AKA CBD Vape Juice). While both contain CBD, they are very different when it comes to both the delivery method and the effects. CBD oil cannot be vaped, and CBD vape liquid cannot be ingested, and it’s important not to get the two mixed up. CBD oil, generally used under the tongue as a tincture, is hemp seed oil-based, and that makes it suitable for consumption and sublingual use.

When CBD oil drops are taken, bear in mind that it takes up to two hours for the active compounds to take effect. That’s due to the long journey the CBD needs to take through the digestive tract and ultimately into the bloodstream. CBD vape liquid is usually based in carrier liquids called PG and VG, but sometimes in liquid (as with CBD). When CBD is vaped in a suitable device and in the right doses, it takes effect immediately and peaks within minutes. This is thanks to the active compounds entering the bloodstream instantly through inhalation into the lungs.

Cannabis or Hemp-Derived CBD?

When it comes to the source of the CBD, this is a vital factor that needs to be taken into consideration. This surrounds whether the CBD is extracted from cannabis or hemp plants. CBD that comes from cannabis and is only legal in some states (and is illegal federally) is often called “full-spectrum” and contains more than the legal limit of 0.2% THC – the psychoactive compound in the plant. The overwhelming majority of CBD products, whether in tinctures, vape juices or topicals, and creams, are derived only from hemp plants, which are specially cultivated to contain less than the requisite 0.2% THC.

When it comes to buying CBD to be used as a therapeutic application, you’ll want to ensure you are purchasing CBD extract that’s grown by an approved farm, is organic, and comes from hemp, not from cannabis. As mentioned already, most CBD oils and vape juices will come from hemp and not from cannabis, but it’s something you need to check for in advance just to be on the safe side. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with THC per se, simply that some people want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hemp but without the “high” that comes when taking THC.

Reputable Third-Party Lab-Tests

Due to the CBD industry not being regulated and with such a lack of oversight on products, one of the most essential pieces of the puzzle is third-party lab-test results, carried out by a reputable hemp and cannabis testing laboratory. These labs charge CBD manufacturers a premium and test for things like cannabinoid profile, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and other chemicals such as Vitamin E acetate. Lab testing is vital when it comes to cosmetics, creams, wellness supplements, and the like to ensure that the final product on the shelf is safe for use and presents no threat to health. This also applies to CBD, whether in vape oil form or CBD drops or topicals.

It’s even better if the lab tests are carried out on a batch-by-batch basis, which the very best CBD manufacturers will do as a matter of course. By checking batch-by-batch, those in the CBD industry avoid doubt when it comes to the safety of their products. It may affect the bottom line for CBD vendors in general, however, when it comes to buying that CBD gift for Christmas, it’s all-important and essential.

Which CBD For Christmas?

If you’re in the market for some CBD this Christmas, whether as a special treat for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend, make sure you follow the above advice. Never purchase CBD without lab-tests and correct labeling. Always choose CBD from reputable vendors and never buy it from gas stations or street markets. If immediate and potent relief from symptoms is the order of the day, it’s well worth checking out PhenoPen’s premium CBD vape liquid. With PhenoPen, you get approximately 1mg of CBD, other minor cannabinoids, and terpenes per puff.

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