Cracking the CBD Code for Poor Sleep

CBD, or cannabidiol, has made a huge splash in the healthcare market over the past few years. While CBD offers some promising benefits, like helping to manage certain kinds of pain, improve sleep, and soothe anxiety, not all CBD products are created equal. Let’s take a look at why other CBD products miss the mark, and why a revolutionary CBD brand, PhenoLife, provides a truly unique experience.


Cracking the CBD Code for Poor Sleep

What's the Problem with Most CBD Products?

If you’ve struggled with finding consistent results with CBD, there’s one big factor that a lot of consumers (and brands themselves) tend to miss: absorption. In order for CBD to work, it needs to absorb into your body or have high bioavailability. Even if you take pure, high dose CBD, if it can’t absorb into your bloodstream effectively, you’ll get little to no benefit.


This is where PhenoLife shines. Their primary focus has been to create products that have exceptionally high levels of bioavailability, which help CBD to be more effective at lower doses. This is why PhenoLife is so effective at helping to manage pain, sleep, and anxiety.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how 
PhenoLife can help to manage
these common, chronic problems.

The Positive Effects of CBD on Sleep

Chronic poor sleep can be devastating, which is why so many consumers have looked to CBD to help improve their sleep. However, absorption and duration of effects are a huge issue, since most CBD brands wear off within a few hours.

PhenoLife offers two novel solutions to help consumers sleep. PhenoGel capsules use microencapsulation technology to protect the CBD and other active ingredients from destruction in your stomach acid. Then, the formula is slowly released, helping to provide extended relief for a great night’s sleep.

PhenoPatch, a transdermal patch that goes directly on your skin, has proven to be another popular PhenoLife solution. The formula avoids your digestive system entirely, and the patch will release CBD into your bloodstream for up to 8 hours, which is perfect for consistent, restful sleep.

If you want more information about how PhenoLife can help you sleep, the brand 

provides a lot of information about 

unique formulas and active ingredients 

specific to sleeping. 

Treating Pain
with CBD

PhenoLife offers potent solutions to treating pain. First, they leverage the natural advantages of CBD, which research has shown can reduce inflammation. Then, PhenoLife has crafted a unique formula targeted to treating pain, which includes other all-natural ingredients in addition to CBD.

CBD is most effective at
treating pain like:



Crohn’s and IBS

Ulcerative colitis

Minor pains, like headaches and muscle aches

Any other pain caused by inflammation

Finally, consumers have a choice of choosing a fast-acting solution (like PhenoPen), or a solution that provides controlled release over an extended period of time (like PhenoGel capsules). PhenoLife is pretty transparent with their ingredients, so we encourage you to take a look at their unique pain-relief formula.

Soothing Anxiety and Stress with CBD

Finally, CBD has been shown to be a potent weapon in the fight against acute and chronic anxiety and stress, but this is where proper absorption and longer effects are even more important. Products like PhenoPatch and PhenoGel are perfect for providing sustained, powerful relief from situational anxiety or anxiety disorders. 

Stress and anxiety may be impacting you more than you think. Untreated stress is often a root cause of sleeping problems, and it can cause physical issues like high blood pressure and headaches. Many customers find relief from poor sleep or pain when using CBD because it helps to relieve the stress causing the chronic, physical problems.

PhenoLife Makes
CBD Work!

PhenoLife is a truly different CBD brand that offers incredible results. If you’ve used CBD before and felt something was lacking, then PhenoLife may provide the answer you’ve been looking for. Take a look at what they have to offer, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions if you need help finding a CBD solution that would be a great fit!

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