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Emily S.
Emily S.
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I’ve had chronic pain in my knee for years. I used to take all sorts of painkillers, but they made me nauseous. I found these capsules. After a month I was able to walk easier. I have no side effects at all from this product.
Tom G.
Tom G.
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I used to take Advil for my shoulder after a sports injury, it helped but after a while I did not want to continue. When I was introduced to Phenogel I was skeptical but after two weeks I stopped with Advil. Helped me.
Ruby A.
Ruby A.
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I have been using these patches for a couple of months. My sciatica pain is much better as well as back pain.

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You've probably tried...

Physical/massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure – provides temporary relief and requires the time commitment of repeat visits

Over-the-counter analgesics – with diminishing results and a dose of chemicals and by-products

Prescription drugs – effectiveness varies from medication to medication, with side effects and other complications

But, you found that the pain is still bothersome ...

you are not alone!

Science meets nature for the answer!

We developed a proprietary formula
of natural, plant-based pain management solutions.

Here is how it works:


it works with the body’s own pain receptor systems, promoting the production of chemicals like anandamide, a naturally occurring, pain regulating neurotransmitter


Our proprietary formula contains compounds that are known to limit inflammation in the brain and nervous system


the right


For You


Each capsule contains our revolutionary microcapsule technology, which allows our plant-based formula to be slowly released for long-lasting, potent effects. The special coating of each pill helps to reduce the loss of active ingredients to the digestive system, and the flavorless, easy-to-swallow pills are a hassle-free way to get a dose that will last all day!

about our special formula

Key features and benefits

Microcapsule Technology

Delayed-release, lasting effects

Quick and easy to take

Promotes natural pain relief


A transdermal, direct-to-bloodstream patch that provides ongoing, slow-release of our proprietary, plant-based formula. Absorbing through the skin avoids the digestive system, which helps your body to absorb more of our formula while you wear the patch during the day or throughout the night.

about our special formula

Key features and benefits

Direct to bloodstream

Is not diluted by metabolic activity

Controlled 8-hour release

All natural ingredients

Her Fibromyalgia story - Alicia P.

Since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have tried everything. My joints would ache, I would sleep for hours and I barely ate. My friend recommended PhenoPatch to me, her aunt used to take it to treat her back pain. I had nothing to lose and I was so desperate so I decided to try it.


In the first week I did not feel any relief. Not in the second either. At this point, I began to be skeptical but I thought to myself I had nothing to lose, so I’ve decided to keep on trying. In the third week, I finally felt the difference. I didn’t hurt as bad as usual and I even had a little more energy.

At this point, I started thinking about what I could do to increase the dose. Happily, I discovered that there are also capsules. I’ve been using both daily in the last couple of months, taking the capsule morning time and applying the patch in the evening.


I’m still not pain-free, but I’m much more comfortable than before, and I’m able to live my life normally. I’m so grateful that I’ve found something that helps me ease the pain.

I have been advising patients to use PhenoLife products for the last 2 years. They have a wide product range of exceptional quality to suit my patients’ needs, helping them achieve excellent results and an improved quality of life!

Dr Andrew Agius MD MSc EDPM | The Pain Clinic

Asked Questions

Any kind of supplement taken orally faces a long passage through the digestive tract. This journey potentially harms active compounds in oils, pills or capsules.


PhenoGel’s unique encapsulation process allows compounds to reach the stomach intact, which are then activated by enzymes secreted from the pancreas.


PhenoPatch penetrates the skin’s barrier and enters directly into the bloodstream for a full-body, therapeutic experience.

PhenoLife products set themselves apart through their superior absorption. Each of our product was designed to provide superior bioavailability, which means more active ingredients getting into your bloodstream without needing to take large doses.

PhenoGel contains our unique combination of all-natural compounds that remain stable all the way through the digestive system. PhenoGel’s compounds are only released once they enter the stomach, where they interact in a unique way with special enzymes produced by the pancreas.

Our all-natural, proprietary formula promotes homeostasis, which means that it may help balance out irregularities in the brain and body. PhenoPatch users report improvement across a wide range of symptoms, including pain reduction, improved focus, better sleep quality, less anxiety and a generally increased sense of wellbeing. Some PhenoPatch users find that it reduces localized pain and inflammation when placed directly upon the site of an injury.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with PhenoLife products – you are protected by our 30-day guarantee. If you have any problems with any of our products, you can contact us at for a fast, no-questions-asked exchange or refund.

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