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PhenoPatch Sleep

The Best Sleep in the Most Convenient Package

The PhenoPatch is a hemp-infused, adhesive patch that delivers consistent,
steady doses of CBD.

Combined with our sleep formula, the PhenoPatch is the perfect solution for customers wanting to sleep through the night and wake up feeling fully rested.

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PhenoPatch Sleep

Emily S.
Emily S.
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Honestly, I swear to God I could never go back to sleep and have been able to go back to sleep every night, literally every night. I don’t really have anything bad to say for something that actually makes me go back to sleep that isn’t a strong sleeping pill. I can’t say anything other than that, that’s amazing to me.
Tom G.
Tom G.
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Since I've been using Phenopatch, i've been sleeping so much better. I don’t wake up feeling groggy. My mood's improved, less anxious, so much more calmer. There's no side effects, and it's flavorless as well, which is a big advantage.
Ruby A.
Ruby A.
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Phenolife patches have been my lifesaver recently. I sleep all night like a baby and I wake up with energy. There's no bad taste or smell or even hard to swallow, like other supplements that I've taken in the past. It's so easy to use.

Maximum Absorption

Since PhenoPatch uses a transdermal delivery

system, CBD doesn’t have to pass through your digestive system to get to your bloodstream.

Instead, it is absorbed directly through your skin, letting you get the most of the CBD you paid for.

long lasting effect

PhenoPatch slowly releases CBD into your body over a period of 8 hours. This is a steady, consistent dose, so you can sleep comfortably through the night without needing to take another dose of CBD.

PhenoPatch Sleep

All-Natural Ingredients

PhenoPatch is made with 100%, all-natural

ingredients. No chemical carriers are used to

penetrate the skin (like in other CBD patches).

Comfortable and Easy
to Use

There’s no measuring oil, taking capsules, or

vaping with PhenoPatch. All you do is firmly

place the patch on your skin, and PhenoPatch

will firmly stay on your arm through the night

without irritation.

PhenoPatch Sleep Key Ingredients

We have added natural ingredients supported by

research to promote a good night’s sleep:

Full-Spectrum Hemp
Extract (32mg)

Lavender Extract


Valerian Roots

Sleeping with PhenoPatch
is as easy as 1-2-3


Wash and dry your skin


Apply the patch


Enjoy your sleep

Most of the active ingredients will get into your bloodstream.

...but I have tried CBD in
the past. What makes
this different?

Most likely you tried CBD in oral form, like gummies or


Did you know that when you use common

CBD products, like gummies or tinctures,

94% of it disappears in your digestive tract?

The PhenoPatch is one of the most effective ways to take CBD,

as most of the active ingredients will get into your


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Frequently Asked Questions

CBD patches work by sending CBD through the skin into the bloodstream. Since CBD can be absorbed through the skin, this method provides exceptional bioavailability (up to 80%). In the case of PhenoPatches, the CBD formula is designed to be slowly released for an extended period of time, upwards of 8 hours.

Using the PhenoPatch is easy! Simply place the patch on an area of your body that it will firmly remain (like your upper arm). The PhenoPatch uses a gentle adhesive to stay in place, which means customers can use it throughout the day or night.

For most customers, it will take 30 minutes to an hour for the PhenoPatch’s effects to be felt. If customers need quicker relief for more acute symptoms, they should consider combining the PhenoPatch with the PhenoPen. 

Yes! We encourage customers to combine the PhenoPatch with other PhenoLife products that use a different delivery method for superior relief. For example, the PhenoPen provides fast-acting relief, while our PhenoGel capsules can add an extended, elevated boost to CBD levels when the PhenoPatch is towards the end of its use. 

The recommended dose for PhenoPatch Sleep is a single patch every night. 

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