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PhenoGel 30 Pack

PhenoGel capsules offer all the benefits all-natural plant-based solution, in a hassle-free, delayed-release capsule for potent and long-lasting effects. PhenoGel utilizes Micro-encapsulation technology that protects the active ingredient from your digestive system, to ensure higher absorption and long lasting effect. 

Used for

Alleviates pain

Promotes relaxation

General wellness

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Product Information

Microcapsule Technology

Microencapsulation is a cutting-edge technology that encloses active compounds and other ingredients in a protective coating. The microcapsules that are produced as a result of this process vary in length from 1 to 2000 micrometers (microns). This advanced technology ensures that PhenoGel’s active ingredients are delivered in the most effective way. There are two primary methods used for the microencapsulation process: spray drying and coacervation. Coacervation causes microcapsule cores to form a viscous microcapsule wall, which is solidified using cross-linking agents. Despite previous issues with coacervation microcapsules sticking together, our technology employs a proprietary method of preparing coacervation microcapsules which are capable of being frozen and dried optimally. This is the optimal technology to deliver the wonderful benefits of natural plants extract.


Delayed-Release System

The main benefit of microencapsulation is that it offers slow and targeted release of natural active compounds. When medication or natural compounds are taken orally, they need to pass through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream and taking effect. This exposure to the body’s digestive system, including stomach acid and various metabolic processes, results in the degradation of many ingredients before they reach the bloodstream. Microcapsules begin to open soon after entering the stomach. Pancreatic enzymes then offer a targeted release of the active compounds inside. This results in the delayed and targeted release of natural compounds in the capsules for potent and long-lasting effects.


Microcapsule Benefits

Microcapsules are the ideal solution for people who want to take natural supplements orally but without the accompanying issues of softgels or pills. Microcapsules don’t degrade as soon as they enter the stomach as with regular pills. Microcapsules offer the added benefit of being completely odorless and tasteless, a factor that’s crucial for many users. Microcapsules are beneficial for many reasons:


  • Flavorless
  • Odorless
  • Increased stability
  • Increased bioavailability
  • Triggered Release
  • Targeted Delivery
  • Hassle-free
  • Easy to swallow

Suggested Use


Capsules should be taken orally and swallowed without chewing.

The recommended daily dose varies between individuals, and depends on factors such as body chemistry, age and metabolism.

We advise starting with one capsule on the first day, and then increasing the dose if necessary.



Natural plant extract

What is PhenoGel?

PhenoGel is a capsule made from plant extract, encapsulated with organics and natural ingredients. The final product is tasteless and odorless.

How does PhenoGel work?

PhenoGel contains a proprietary formula that remain stable all the way through the digestive system. PhenoGels’ compounds are only released once they enter the stomach, where they interact in a unique way with special enzymes produced by the pancreas.

Are PhenoGel capsules more effective than normal edibles?

Yes, edibles ingested orally faces a long passage through the digestive tract. This journey potentially harms active compounds in pills and capsules. PhenoGel’s encapsulation process means that the compounds reach the stomach intact and are then activated by enzymes secreted by the pancreas.

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