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Box Includes:

30 transdermal patches

Instructions for Use:


First, wash the area you plan to place the patch with soap and warm water.


Then, remove a patch from the box, remove the back sticker (revealing the adhesive), and place directly on the skin. The patch can be placed on your upper arm, chest, or a soft area of the back. Do not place the patch on hair, scars or damaged skin.


Try to avoid touching the glue on the corners of the patch to allow the PhenoPatch to securely attach.

Note: Oily or sweaty skin will damage the glue and prevent the patch from sticking appropriately. Always wash the area of skin that you plan to place the patch before use.

Tips For

Best Results:


It will take your body 3-5 days to adjust to the CBD and to begin to feel more potent effects. It is essential to use the PhenoPatch daily for at least 10 days to experience best results.


We recommend you use one patch a day for as long as needed.


While the PhenoPatch is designed to work when wet, water may prevent the patch from appropriately attaching to the skin. Make sure the area you plan to place the patch is clean and dry.


PhenoPatch should be stored in a dry area at room temperature.

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*Please contact us for more information about finding your ideal dose. This recommendation is for moderate issues and average body weight.

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