PhenoLife has closed. Thank you to all customers for the support!

PhenoLife has closed. Thank you to all customers for the support!

PhenoGel – CBD Capsules


PhenoGel capsules are designed to achieve better results for those who prefer to take CBD orally. By combining premium full spectrum cannabinoids, water-soluble formula, and advanced microencapsulation technology, we make sure more quality CBD gets into your bloodstream.

The Different PhenoGel Formulas

We’ve designed several different PhenoGel formulas to help target specific health challenges you may be facing. Whether you need help with getting better sleep, managing pain, or soothing anxiety, there is a PhenoGel formula that’s a perfect fit!

Why Use CBD Capsules?

One of the strongest benefits of CBD capsules is their simplicity. All you need to do is choose how many capsules you want to take and swallow them! It can be challenging to correctly dose other oral CBD options, like tincture oils, but CBD capsules make dosing simple and easy.

CBD capsules have a much longer shelf-life compared to CBD oils or gummies, which makes them an ideal choice for buying in bulk. Capsules are also tasteless, so if you prefer to take CBD orally but have struggled to tolerate the taste, then CBD capsules might be a perfect fit!

What Makes PhenoGel the Best CBD Capsules?

PhenoGel capsules are specifically designed to enhance cannabinoid absorption into the bloodstream.

Protective Coating

First, the capsules have a protective coating that protects the active cannabinoids from getting destroyed by your stomach acid. This protective coating is dissolved when it comes into contact from an enzyme released by the pancreas, which occurs later in the digestive process.

Slow release

Next, the microencapsulation of the hemp-based formula encourages a slow and steady release, allowing for more controlled duration of effects. This helps doses have lower peaks and longer positive impacts, which is an ideal choice for many customers.


Finally, the hemp-based formula is water-soluble, an intentional design that is intended to help the formula easily and more readily absorb into your bloodstream. This helps to increase bioavailability, as well as help the effects of the PhenoGel Capsules to be felt more quickly.

PhenoLife Means High Quality

While PhenGel capsules and other PhenoLife products use advanced technology to produce incredible results, technology alone isn’t responsible for making PhenoLife products some of the best on the market. We have a strict standard of quality for the ingredients we use, and whether you use a patch, capsule, or puff, they all meet our standards of quality, which include:





PhenoGel FAQ

Typical CBD capsules are swallowed, broken down by stomach acid (where most of the CBD is lost), and the remaining CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream through your digestive system. PhenoGel capsules have been designed to allow more CBD to be absorbed by your body, increasing potency without increasing the overall dose.

First, PhenoGel capsules are designed specifically to resist your stomach acid. Instead, the outer shell is dissolved when a certain enzyme comes into contact with it, which only happens after the capsule has passed through your stomach. Then, the microencapsulation of the CBD allows for slow and steady release, and the water-solubility helps the body to more readily absorb the CBD formula.

Microencapsulated CBD is CBD that is held by several small, tiny capsules all held within the one large capsule you see when you initially swallow. This helps more CBD make it through you digestive system (as it adds an additional layer of protection), and it helps the CBD to be released at a slow and steady pace instead of all at once.

Research has shown that there are several potential benefits to taking CBD. While much of this research is ongoing, there is promising evidence that CBD can help:

  • – Reduce pain, especially pain related to inflammation
  • – Help improve sleep
  • – Help to soothe anxiety and treat chronic anxiety disorders

Yes! PhenogGel capsules, as well as all PhenoLife products, are 3rd party tested for purity. All high-quality brands should offer lab testing, and if you come across a brand that doesn’t, that should be a red flag about the purity or quality of what they offer.

CBD has been on the market for years now, and that means you have dozens of choices of where to get your CBD products. This is particularly true of CBD capsules, since capsules are easy to take, simple to dose, and avoid the taste issues of traditional CBD oils. Not all brands are created equal, so you should make sure any brand you buy from has these characteristics:

3rd Party Lab Reports
Trustworthy brands provide lab reports conducted by a 3rd party to prove the purity of their CBD products. If a brand doesn’t offer lab reports, it’s possible they aren’t being honest about what’s inside their capsules.

Targeted Bioavailability
Bioavailability refers to how easily a product is absorbed into your bloodstream. In the case of CBD products, the bioavailability refers to how much of the active cannabinoids actually make it into your bloodstream and to your endocannabinoid system. Consumable CBD products have notoriously low levels of bioavailability, since your stomach acid destroys most of the CBD.
High-quality CBD capsules will have some specific measures to help avoid your stomach acid and enhance bioavailability. For example, PhenoGel capsules have a protective coating to shield our CBD formula from your stomach acid, and the coating is only dissolved from a specific enzyme that’s found in your digestive system beyond your stomach.

Finally, CBD capsules should be made with water-soluble CBD. This will allow the CBD formula to easily mix into your bloodstream (as opposed to CBD oils, which will have a harder time doing so, which will lower the bioavailability of the product).

Using CBD capsules is easy! All you have to do is take 1-2 capsules and swallow them with water. Most customers can expect to feel the effects of CBD capsules, like PhenoGel, within 30-45 minutes, and the effects should last around 4-6 hours.

The exact dose of CBD capsules you take will vary from person to person. We recommend customers beginning with one capsule a day, and then increasing the dose until the desired effects are achieved.

No. PhenoGel capsules will only have trace amounts of THC, which is the cannabinoid responsible for producing the trademarked “high” associated with cannabis. The trace amounts found in our formulas are not enough to get you high, regardless of how much of our product you take, as all of our products comply with UK regulations.

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