PhenoLife has closed. Thank you to all customers for the support!

PhenoLife has closed. Thank you to all customers for the support!

PhenoPatch – CBD Patches


The PhenoPatch is a hemp-infused transdermal patch that provides steady, consistent CBD dosing. The effects of the PhenoPatch can last up to 12 hours, making it a great choice for customers using CBD or long-lasting effects. This includes falling and staying asleep, keeping chronic pain at bay, or helping to manage chronic anxiety.

The Different PhenoPatch Formulas

The PhenoPatch takes advantage of several different formulates, each targeted to help manage certain health challenges you may be facing.

Why Use CBD Patches?

CBD patches offer a unique advantage that other forms of CBD can match: high bioavailability. CBD can be infused through your skin, which allows it to bypass your digestive system entirely. Since the primary reason that other CBD products have low bioavailability is your stomach acid, CBD patches offer a fantastic workaround for more potent relief at lower doses.

CBD patches are also convenient. You don’t have to measure out a dose, and you don’t have to remember to “take” them. Patches can be applied at the beginning of the day or right before you go to sleep for sustained dosing. Not all patches offer sustained, controlled dosing like the PhenoPatch, but most will still last for several hours.

What Makes PhenoPatch the Best CBD Patch?

The PhenoPatch offers unique benefits that makes it the best CBD patch you can buy!

Superior Bioavailability

The PhenoPatch offers exceptional bioavailability, even compared to other CBD patches. Our patches have up to 80% bioavailability (and last up to 12 hours), which makes them perfect for sustained relief from pain or stress during the day or consistent help staying asleep at night.

Targeted Formulas

The PhenoPatch takes advantage of several different formulates, each targeted to help manage certain health challenges you may be facing.

PhenoLife Means High Quality

While PhenoPatch and other PhenoLife products use advanced technology to produce incredible results, technology alone isn’t responsible for making PhenoLife products some of the best on the market. We have a strict standard of quality for the ingredients we use, and whether you use a patch, capsule, or puff, they all meet our standards of quality, which include:





PhenoPatch FAQ

CBD patches work by sending CBD through the skin into the bloodstream. Since CBD can be absorbed through the skin, this method provides exceptional bioavailability (up to 80%). In the case of PhenoPatches, the CBD formula is designed to be slowly released for an extended period of time, upwards of 8 hours.

Using the PhenoPatch is easy! Simply place the patch on an area of your body that it will firmly remain (like your upper arm). The PhenoPatch uses a gentle adhesive to stay in place, which means customers can use it throughout the day or night. 

Each PhenoPatch is infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, which includes 32 mg of CBD. The other ingredients will vary depending on what formula of PhenoPatch you’re using, since each formula is designed for specific health challenges. We offer a full ingredient list of each patch that you can see before you buy, but feel free to contact us with specific questions!

The recommended dose for PhenoPatch is a single patch every 8 hours with up to two patches per day. 

Yes! We encourage customers to combine the PhenoPatch with other PhenoLife products that use a different delivery method for superior relief. For example, the PhenoPen provides fast-acting relief, while our PhenoGel capsules can add an extended, elevated boost to CBD levels when the PhenoPatch is towards the end of its use.

For most customers, it will take 30 minutes to an hour for the PhenoPatch’s effects to be felt. If customers need quicker relief for more acute symptoms, they should consider combining the PhenoPatch with the PhenoPen.

No, the PhenoPatch will not make you high. While the PhenoPatch (and other PhenoLife products) use the full-spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp, not all cannabinoids create the high commonly associated with cannabis. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for creating an intoxicating effect, and UK law prohibits products from having more than 1mg of THC.
While there are trace amounts of THC in our full-spectrum products, you won’t get high from using them, regardless of how much you take at a time. 

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