PhenoLife has closed. Thank you to all customers for the support!

PhenoLife has closed. Thank you to all customers for the support!


The PhenoLife product range passed through numerous modifications until we found the sought after sweet spot. It encompasses years of dedicated, hard work from a team of people who really care. From scientists to doctors and beyond, we have spent many hours perfecting the final product experience.

At PhenoLife, we are committed to researching and developing high quality natural solutions using the non-intoxicating compounds of the hemp plant – CBD. All PhenoLife products pass through a rigorous testing process before they are sold. All the materials and processes are strictly supervised from seed to shelf. The PhenoLife range is produced in non-GMO (non genetically modified) approved facilities and meets the highest manufacturing standards.

Hemp is Not a Gimmick

The numerous therapeutic benefits of the hemp have been well known and heavily documented for centuries.

Having been used in Chinese medicine, more recently, Western medicine has taken a particular interest in the properties of hemp and specifically the CBD compound, which has no psychoactive effects, based on recent studies.

Nowadays, Hemp is used via a variety of delivery systems, including oil tinctures, vape liquids, and topical applications such as creams, soaps, and balms.

We’re Here to Improve Lives

When the PhenoLife team entered the CBD industry, we set our sights firmly on how natural compounds could benefit people from different walks of life.

We had one goal in mind: To use our technological expertise to make premium CBD available and affordable in an effective and easy-to-use form for the people who need it most.

PhenoLife’s hemp products offer the wonderful benefits of nature, delivered in the most potent, cost-effective, and safe way possible.


PhenoLife is a concept based on living a healthy lifestyle by balancing the endocannabinoid system present in all humans. This system, known as ECS, is responsible, among other things, for regulating daily functions like sleep, mood, and appetite. PhenoLife’s range of products are made from the finest ingredients known to man and are produced without shortcuts in approved facilities using Supercritical CO2 extraction methods and all rigorously tested by independent, third-party laboratories for maximum transparency and peace of mind.

Who We Are

PhenoLife is the brainchild of a dedicated group of experts within the wellness sector. Recent years of combined experience led to the creation of PhenoLife, a concept based on extraordinary hemp-based products that are mild, non-invasive, but potent and effective.

The concept of the PhenoLife range was to create a variety of products, made from organic hemp, to assist those seeking alternative therapeutic relief from a range of ailments including anxiety, insomnia, and pain. 

We Are Here For You

The PhenoLife team thrives on customer feedback and input. We strive to offer full and timely support and usually respond to queries within just a few hours. No matter what – don’t be shy, just ask.

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