At Last – A Natural Substance That Delivers Real Health Benefits

Studies show is natural, safe & effective for relieving pain & & improving health.

The sad truth is most natural substances that are said to have health benefits don’t live up to the hype. They simply don’t work as well as man-made medications.

But that has changed with CBD, or Cannabidiol, which has been shown to be natural, safe, and highly effective. In fact, many users claim it relieves pain better than over-the-counter and prescription medication – and it ’t produce the bad side effects associated with those medications either.

In other words, is finally a natural that is worth the hype! Now here’s even more it: though CBD has been used throughout history as part of the marijuana plant, its modern history starts in 1940 when American organic chemist Roger Adams was able to isolate the CBD compound.

Later in 1960, Israeli organic chemist Raphael Mechoulam was able to both isolate and describe the chemical structure of CBD, which enabled chemists to confirm that CBD was a non-psychoactive ingredient of .

Today, CBD, thanks to advanced extraction methods, is more popular than ever before. It has been shown to have a number of benefits, including reducing stress and , relieving pain, promoting better , and encouraging a happier and healthier life.

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Improve the Condition of Your Skin With CBD

Research indicates that as many as 125 million worldwide – a full 2 to 3 percent of the Earth’s population – have psoriasis.

Those with psoriasis typically experience dry, itchy, sore skin that can make their lives miserable. But now help may be available … in the form of .

CBD, or Cannabidiol, has been found in studies to relieve psoriasis by balancing the immune system’s response. You see, psoriasis is generally considered an autoimmune disease and CBD calms inflammation and helps modulate immune system response.

A study entitled, “Cannabidiol on Phospholipid Metabolism in Keratinocytes from Patients with Psoriasis Vulgaris” found that CBD also regulates metabolic changes by modulating the that is disturbed by psoriasis development.

The bottom line is CBD could be just what a psoriasis sufferer needs to feel better! Plus, CBD helps with a number of other skin conditions as well!

CBD & Pain Relief – What do we really know?

has quickly emerged as the ultimate alternative for pain sufferers everywhere. Many, in fact, are calling it the biggest pain breakthrough since aspirin.

Many more say it cuts their need for potentially dangerous prescription painkillers.

How can it be? Our body’s is composed of three main components:

receptors, namely CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are predominantly found in the central nervous system (CNS, the nerves attached along the spinal cord and around the ) and are largely responsible for the cognitive and emotional of CBD, as well as our perception of pain. CB2 receptors are more common in our peripheral nervous system (PNS, the outer nerves beyond the spinal cord and brain such as those in your arms and legs, although these receptors may also be found in our CNS) and in your immune cells.

Endogenous cannabinoids (the cannabinoids that your body produces) Enzymes that facilitate the breakdown and use of cannabinoids
Our endocannabinoids function on-demand, meaning that when our body senses inflammation or needs to return to a state of stable balance (homeostasis) it will release endocannabinoids that bind to cannabinoid receptors.

CBD itself does not bind to receptors but is thought to work by inducing other components of the cannabinoid system.

In fact, CBD exerts a wide array of effects on the body’s central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as the immune system. It works in conjunction with our endocannabinoid system to function in an antioxidant capacity, to decrease inflammation, and to act as an analgesic or pain reliever. CBD may even slow the progression of osteoarthritis and prevent nerve damage, according to early model studies.

In one of the studies Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, recently said: “With regard to pain alone, [CBD] could greatly the demand for narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses, which are the greatest cause of preventable death in this country.”

In the study reported in the European Journal of International Medicine, 2,700 elderly patients treated their pain and cancer with CBD.

After six months of use, nearly everyone in the study reported successful results. Their chronic pain was cut in half – with no side effects. Nearly everyone reduced their painkiller use. And many just quit opiates entirely.

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Is CBD the Answer to Your Sleep Problems?

New research suggests CBD may be worth a try

for those having trouble sleeping!


Few things are as to both your physical and mental health as a good night’s .

A good night’s sleep is necessary for your overall health and wellbeing. Experts recommend adults sleep seven to nine hours each night. Proper sleep ensures you will have energy for the upcoming day. A good night nap is also contributed to formation, helps grow and repair muscle and tissue, and prevents sickness.
is also contributed to memory formation, helps grow and repair muscle and tissue, and prevents sickness.

Unfortunately, falling asleep or staying asleep can be hard for some of us. There are more than 75 sleep disorders. Difficulty falling or staying asleep is the most common. More than 30% of adults suffer from . That number rises to between 40% and 60% for those ages 60 and older.

People who fail to get quality sleep consistently can experience a number of physical and mental health problems. In addition, lack of sleep can impact your performance at work, at school, and in athletic competitions.

But here’s the good news: A new study entitled, “Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series” has found that CBD may help people experiencing problems sleeping!

The cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system, which helps your body maintain a state of balance and stability or homeostasis and can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Here’s what you need to know .

Other initial studies of CBD and sleep disorders suggest positive outcomes. However, not everyone experiences the same sleep with CBD use, and different doses might lead to different effects.

The of CBD you use, and the time you take it, will depend on a number of factors. Your weight, personal body chemistry, and the nature of your sleeping troubles will affect how CBD works. What works for some people might not work for others. Therefore we are offered to try different kinds and delivery methods!

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5 Tips for Reducing Stress During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The impact of the Coronavirus around the world has been swift and severe. It has quickly affected the way we live, the way we , the way we shop, and much more.

One result of all these changes has been an increase in and anxiety. We may feel stress and anxiety when we go to the store now and the shelves are empty… we may feel it when we go out and see the deserted streets … we may feel it when we are required to stay a certain distance from people or when we are told to stay home.

But being under increased stress is not good for your health. It can raise your blood pressure. It can weaken your immune system and increase your chances of getting sick. It can also cause you to feel depressed or to get into a bad mood and pass the stress on to others.

Here are five tips to relieve your stress and feel better the Coronavirus :

1. Take a cold shower
Just 3 to 5 minutes of showering with cold water can make you feel like a new, more relaxed person. The cold water will stress your body and force you to overcome it so that you feel less stressed afterward. A cold shower can also boost your energy. This is not recommended for anyone with a heart or severe health problems.
2. Write it out
Physically writing down why you are feeling stressed can help you better understand why are you are feeling the way you feel and also make you more appreciative of the good things in your life.
3. Do yoga at home
Another great way to relieve stress is to do yoga. Simply clear a spot in your home and put on a yoga routine from YouTube or another source and exercise your stress away.
4. Play soothing music
Playing soft music is a great way to take your mind off the things that are causing you stress and to relax. You may even want to try doing a little meditation while you listen to relaxing music.
5. Enjoy relaxing scents
Burning scented candles is a great way to relax and reduce your stress level as well. There are even some scents that are known for being relaxing – like lavender, vanilla, and jasmine. scents like peppermint can also be good for breaking your train of thought if you are spending a lot of time worrying.

As you probably already know, studies find CBD may help manage stress and improve anxiety & sleep. Furthermore, CBD seems responsible for relaxation and relief effects. 

Most of the conditions for which relaxation and relief with CBD seem possible are the subject of scientific research. The lack of results overwhelmingly recognized by the various governments, just like the lack of perspective, however, imply that most countries in Europe do not consider CBD, or even in general, as a medicine. Attitudes are changing, however.

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What Are The Best Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System During Coronavirus Outbreak?

As around the globe begin to fathom the magnitude of the recent outbreak, many are asking why government-sponsored adverts in the media say nothing to the public how to strengthen one’s immune system in light of the pandemic.

If ever there was a time when governments should be telling people how to strengthen their immune systems to ward off the Coronavirus, it’s now. And that’s not to mention those poor people who have been infected already and are unable to fight the onslaught due to a weakened or even compromised immune system.

To date, there’s no cure for Corona, and that presents the citizens of the world with a less than simple dilemma. There’s little a person can do when they are in quarantine or forced to stay at home due to a full lockdown. One thing they can do, however, is to take the right steps to ensure their immune system and general health is as optimal as can be.

Wouldn’t it make much more sense if people were being told how to boost their immune systems in the event they contract Corona? We think that nothing’s more important at this time than looking out for your health. Here are some time-tested ways to boost your immune system, and most of them are and easily accessible remedies.

  • Reduce  – When a person is stressed out, they produce hormones that adversely affect the immune system. The first port of call to balance the immune system is to reduce stress, despite the stressful times in which we live. Take the dog for an extra-long walk, go for that jog you promised yourself or do some burpees in the garden.
  • Take Supplements – Another vital way to support and protect your immune system is to eat immunity supporting foods. These include things like citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, and spinach, but there are also other vital supplements to take. Having the right amounts in your system of Vitamin C, B and Zinc is essential if you’re to stay healthy in the face of the Coronavirus.
  • Choose – CBD, which comes from and hemp, is known to be helpful when it comes to the immune system. Working in tandem with the , CBD helps to regular daily functions such as sleep, mood, and appetite. CBD, especially when taken in vape form as with , also allows people to get a good night’s sleep and wards off overthinking and .

The fact that CBD and other compounds found in cannabis and hemp are considered to be antimicrobial, they work against various bacteria and fungi and, therefore, to reduce infection. CBD has been used in the past successfully to fight MRSA, Candida, and many more.

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Vape Experts Give PhenoPen a Solid Five-Star Rating

When it comes to reviewing vaporizers, the guys over at know a thing or two quality and reliability. When they told us they wanted to check out the PhenoPen, we were thrilled, and even more so when they gave PhenoPen a five-star rating.

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to buying these days. From CBD gummy bears to juice, the choices can appear seemingly endless at first sight. For starters, there are different types of CBD on the market – including broad and full-spectrum options. There’s also a bunch of different delivery methods depending on your personal preference and the you ideally wish to achieve. When it comes to CBD, PhenoPen offers a robust, all-round solution that helps some people who suffer from over , pain from inflammation, and insomnia. Some people also use PhenoPen as part of their overall wellness regime. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s see what the TVG team thought about PhenoPen and its 59.7% CBD concentration per cartridge.

According to the “Bottom Line” of the review from the guys at The Vape.Guide:

“The Phenopen is one of the best CBD delivery systems I’ve tried so far. It is some of the best-tasting vapor I’ve experienced so far in a CBD cartridge. The fact that it’s a full-spectrum oil that only consists of and CBD is just icing on the cake. And speaking of cake, you won’t get that flavor, or any other flavor, with the Phenopen, but you likely won’t miss the more colorful flavors you can get with other cartridges. It’s also simple to use since it is draw-activated, and the cartridge is magnetically attached. People have been spoilt for choice when it comes to CBD vaping recently, but the Phenopen is easily one of the best choices you can make when it comes to CBD vaping.”

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“After 20 years of cigarette smoking the Phenopen helped me Quit it nice and easy. Whenever i had an urge to smoke a cigarette i would take few puffs from the phenopen instead. and in time i started to notice that the CBD is making me feel better altogether. i recommend it strongly to everyone.” – James E. Ward. California, USA.

“I suffer from bad knees. since i started using the Phenopen i hardly take any pain killers anymore. i was skeptical about it as i never even smoked a cigarette in my life, but to my surprise it was easy to inhale and very tasty.” – Paula Winters. Florida, USA.

“I have tried many vaping devices before i got to the Phenopen, and I have to admit, it takes CBD vaping to the next level. the ease of use and the superb taste is something i didn’t see before.” – Jerry Myers. Sydney, Australia.

“I ordered new cartridges from phenopen website and they arrived the next day. thanks for the quick response.” – Paulo Moratti. Milan, Italy.

These reviews are just a sample of the positive feedback we’ve received from customers over the years since PhenoPen was launched. People from many walks of life benefit from PhenoPen’s proprietary formula daily, and it’s used to treat a wide range of ailments and conditions. Some folks vape CBD for anxiety, others use it for insomnia to ensure a good night’s sleep. There are also those who take CBD as part of an overall wellness regime.

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Is CBD Really The Perfect Cure For Insomnia?

It’s a well-established and widely accepted fact that a good night’s is one of the most important things for human health and healthy living. Unfortunately, and especially in this day and age, too many people use prescription sleeping to get to sleep. But natural alternative solutions like CBD could make addictive drugs a thing of the past.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the main non-psychoactive component in cannabis and hemp. CBD has been dubbed as “the miracle plant compound” and is used to a variety of conditions, including , pain from inflammation, and like insomnia. So why are so many people still addicted to popular sleeping medications at alarmingly increasing rates? When the average person tells their doctor they’re having trouble sleeping, the first port of call is sleeping pills.

There’s little debate when it comes to the efficacy of such medications as they do work but at what price? Sleeping medications are highly addictive, dependency forming and toxic and often come with side effects. That could explain the increasingly popular trend of insomniacs turning to natural remedies like CBD in favor of prescription medications.

CBD works in a unique way with something called the endocannabinoid system. This system, which is present in all humans, regulates a number of daily functions, such as memory, mood, appetite, and sleep. While clinical studies on CBD are thin on the ground due to decades of cannabis and hemp prohibition, much research carried out to date has shown the compound to be useful for reducing pain from arthritis, shrinking cancerous tumors and ensuring a person gets to sleep and stays asleep.

CBD also shows promise when it comes to more severe conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, although more research is needed into this. However, when it comes to sleep, CBD is used successfully by thousands of people from around the world and from different walks of life. Some research on CBD has shown that it can work to increase the amount of sleep a person gets as well as by reducing insomnia.

Author and CBD expert Gretchen Lidicker said, according to a Huffington Post report, “These studies mainly point to CBD’s ability to interact with serotonin receptors and GABA receptors in the brain,” she said. “Serotonin plays an important role in mood and anxiety, and GABA is known as the main ‘inhibitory’ neurotransmitter, meaning it calms excess activity in the brain and promotes relaxation. GABA receptors are the target of benzodiazepines, which are a class of anti-anxiety drugs.”

Lidicker spoke, according to the same report, about the advantage of CBD over other natural supplements like melatonin. She noted that while melatonin essentially signals to the body when it’s time to get to sleep, “CBD appears to help with sleep because of its anti-anxiety properties and ability to promote relaxation.” So while melatonin supplements can help some people, they are little use to those who can’t sleep due to anxiety and invasive thoughts. Although as she also mentioned, “Interpersonal variation is a common theme with cannabis-derived therapies because the way you react to cannabis is highly individualized.”

This makes standardizing CBD dosage for patients tricky as the distribution of receptors in each person’s body is different. There are also a variety of different delivery methods for CBD including CBD edibles, oil drops, and vape pens. While some people prefer their CBD in an oil tincture under the tongue before bed, others prefer vape juice. The main difference between the two is that when you ingest CBD it takes a couple of hours for the active compound to work. This is due to the long and arduous journey it needs to take through the stomach before it enters the bloodstream. When CBD is taken in vape form, it enters the bloodstream via the lungs and therefore takes effect potently and instantaneously.

CBD And The Endocannabinoid System Work Together To Promote Wellbeing 

While studies are currently underway in Europe and North America – looking at the symbiotic relationship between compounds and the endocannabinoid system present in all humans – thousands of people already use the compound to and manage a range of common ailments and conditions.

Many people have no idea what the endocannabinoid system or “” is, or that every person (and mammal) has one. Having only been discovered fairly recently, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for the physical and psychological effects of compounds like CBD. These effects are processed by the body via what’s known as CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are encouraged by compounds found in cannabis and (such as CBD, short for cannabidiol) and are thought to work to pain from inflammation and to improve overall wellbeing.

CB receptors are located throughout many organs in the body including the brain, in bone marrow, the liver, and kidneys. These receptors are encouraged to a state of homeostasis or “perfect balance” by various compounds while acting as the chemical messengers of the ECS. There are two distinct of cannabinoids; endogenous or exogenous. Endogenous refers to cannabinoids that originate within the body. Exogenous cannabinoids are those that come externally – from outside the body. Both types of cannabinoids are involved with daily functions such as , appetite, sleep, pain levels, and mood.

CBD is known to encourage these receptors to reach homeostasis and that goes some way to explaining why CBD-heavy strains give relief to so many people suffering from a variety of conditions. Appetite is controlled primarily by the ECS, while CB1 receptors play their own unique role in minimizing pain from nerve endings. At the same time, CB2 receptors play a more prominent role when it comes to the peripheral nervous system. It’s the CB2 receptors that are thought to be responsible for the reduction of inflammation in various different organs in the body.

It’s been known for some time that endocannabinoids are created by the body, with 2-AG and anandamide being the two main ones. While the brain is the place for 2-AG, other primary organs in the body are where the anadamide is located. These are both neurotransmitters that are produced “on-demand” by the body as and when needed. Enzymes called FAAH and MAGL break down these endocannabinoids soon after they’re released. When CBD and other cannabis compounds are introduced, the ECS is prompted into action as the body attempts to reach that state of ideal balance.

Due to the prohibition of cannabis and hemp for so many decades, not enough is known by scientists precisely how CBD interacts with the ECS. It’s known that CBD doesn’t bind to the CB receptors in the same way that THC does, as some experts maintain that CBD works to prevent endocannabinoids from being broken down. Either way, many people around the world say that CBD helps them with inflammation, nausea, sleep issues and a host of other things.

There are also those who maintain the theory of clinical endocannabinoid deficiency or CECD. This condition is characterized by lower than average endocannabinoid levels which affect the ECS and can lead to issues with things that are governed by this system, such as sleep, mood, and appetite. Many conclude that this is the reason why some people suffer from conditions like unexplained body pain, IBS and ongoing headaches.

Either way one looks at it, the ECS in humans plays a prominent and vital role in regulating everyday functions. That’s the reason why lots more research into the properties of the cannabis plant is vital in this day and age. Many people around the world are turning towards therapeutic and alternative solutions to their ailments and away from prescription medications handed out by doctors. For many people, strong chemical drugs only make matters worse and that’s not to mention dependence and addiction to them. At the same time, CBD is , usually organically grown and offers gentle relief with little-to-no side effects.

How CBD Could Transform Your Christmas

While some people suffer in silence, others take a more proactive approach when it comes to treating their ailment or condition. Whether it’s physical issues like pain or arthritis, or mental issues such as or panic attacks, prescription medications are always a path one can take. For those who prefer and non-addictive solutions, could be the perfect gift for Christmas.

People around the world take CBD for a variety of different reasons. From arthritis and joint pain to anxiety and insomnia, CBD has risen to popularity in recent years, and there are some excellent reasons for that. More and more chronic pain sufferers and insomniacs are choosing CBD as their first port of call, in favor of addictive medications regularly prescribed by doctors such as OxyContin. The other great thing about CBD (short for cannabidiol) is that it carries almost no side-effects, is non-toxic, and also considered to be non-addictive. That’s a big deal for people who want to stay away from addictive prescription medications and to enjoy natural remedies instead.

How CBD Works

CBD differs from conventional cannabis in that it doesn’t contain any . THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis and hemp associated with light-headed sensations and a feeling of being stoned or high. When CBD is isolated and extracted from cannabis and hemp and then taken in an oil tincture, vape pen, or edible, it helps to relieve symptoms of pain, anxiety, and insomnia for many people from different walks of life who swear by its efficacy.

CBD works by encouraging various bodily systems to function optimally. The human body is packed full of CB1 and CB2 receptors, located throughout the organs, constituting what’s known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). While CB1 receptors are in the , CB2 receptors are spread between organs in the body, and the system regulates daily functions like , appetite, and mood to bring people to a state of homeostasis.

Choosing the Right CBD

With the wide variety of CBD products on the market today, one has to know how to select the most suitable CBD and delivery system for them. There are three main of : Broad-spectrum, Full-spectrum, and CBD Isolate. Broad-spectrum CBD contains terpenes and other minor cannabinoids (but contains THC less than 0.3%). Full-spectrum CBD contains terpenes and other minor cannabinoids (but also contains THC often higher than 0.3%). CBD isolate is pure CBD without terpenes or other cannabinoids in the mix at all.

Those who want to benefit from the full gamut of cannabinoids and terpenes will opt for CBD products that are broad or full-spectrum. Those wanting a pure CBD experience will usually choose CBD isolate. There are also a variety of delivery methods at your disposal, including CBD oils tinctures and edibles, CBD vape pens, and CBD topicals such as creams and balms. For immediate and potent effects, CBD is recommended, while those wanting more of a “slow-release” CBD experience will usually go for ingestible CBD oils.

Which CBD This Christmas?

While the majority of CBD products contain the same active compounds, different delivery systems (not to mention dosage levels and CBD concentrations) result in different effects. For ex-smokers who vape or even people who just enjoy the flavor of hemp, vaping CBD is one of the best delivery systems for the reasons mentioned above. Christmas and the whole festive season is a great time for the family to get together and celebrate. However, Christmas is also a traditionally stressful time too; what with all the Christmas shopping, cleaning, and cooking to contend with. That’s why CBD is excellent for Christmas time and a perfect aid for the transition into the new year.

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Is Your CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum?

When it comes to the wonderful world of CBD, it can sound like people are talking a foreign language altogether. Words like cannabidiol, full-spectrum extract and mean a lot to some people while they mean little to others. However, for those entering the world of CBD for its numerous therapeutic qualities, there is some vital terminology to get one’s head around

CBD stands for cannabidiol – an active compound in cannabis and associated with therapeutic applications for a variety of conditions and ailments. Unlike its big brother THC – which is the compound that gives the psychoactive or “heady” associated with conventional cannabis, CBD is non-psychoactive, non-toxic and non-addictive. CBD also comes in a variety of forms and delivery methods, depending on the reasons for its use, and is distinctly split into three main categories: Broad-spectrum, Full-spectrum, and Isolate. These three common forms of the CBD compound differ in effect and are used to make various CBD products including CBD oils, tinctures, vape liquids, and creams. 

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is the most popular extract for those wanting a well-rounded and full-bodied CBD experience. This is due to full-spectrum CBD containing other naturally occurring compounds from the plant, such as terpenes, essential oils, and other minor cannabinoids. Those who opt for full-spectrum CBD do so as they benefit from what’s called the “entourage effect.” This refers to the intricate and symbiotic relationship between the various elements of the cannabis and hemp plants and how they influence the endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in all humans. Researchers from the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem, for example, found that test subjects who were given full-spectrum CBD under laboratory conditions enjoyed “higher levels of relief, compared to subjects administered with CBD isolate.” The same study also found that full-spectrum CBD offered stronger effects the higher the .

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD comes somewhere in between full-spectrum and CBD isolate. The main difference here is that broad-spectrum CBD contains CBD, essential oils, terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids but has the THC removed. While full-spectrum CBD usually has low levels of THC (and other compounds such as THCA and THCV) for those wanting to ensure they don’t ingest THC at all, broad-spectrum is a good option. As mentioned already, THC is the main psychoactive compound in the plant and will also show up in a blood or urine test for drugs, which can present some people with issues. Athletes, those who work in law enforcement and others who get tested regularly for illegal substances will opt for broad-spectrum CBD (or CBD isolate) in order to avoid any . Broad-spectrum CBD users benefit less from the entourage effect than those who use full-spectrum CBD but in many cases, the difference in effects is minimal due to the mix of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of the compound and is made by extracting just the CBD in the plant and isolating it. All of the other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are removed and only the CBD remains. CBD isolate always comes from hemp plants and not from cannabis, as it’s easier to extract and isolate just the CBD when it comes from hemp. CBD isolate is great for people who need potent doses of CBD and for those who are sensitive to THC. Those working in law enforcement and civil servants who get drug tested regularly will also usually favor CBD isolate over other CBD options as it won’t show up in testing. Isolate is also mainly the preferred choice for those new to CBD as well as those who want to stay on the right side of the law. It’s also a good idea to experiment with pure CBD isolate against broad or full-spectrum CBD to see what works best for you.

Choosing CBD

While some people want some THC in the mix, others prefer pure CBD for their ailment or . At the same time, there are those who want to benefit from the full spectrum of cannabinoids in their oil tincture or vape liquid. For now, clinical studies on the differences between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate are very thin on the ground and science is currently unclear the many subtle nuances between cannabinoids. PhenoPen is a great choice for those wanting potent and instant relief from things like , pain, and . PhenoPen contains a proprietary blend of highly concentrated CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes, and is full-spectrum but contains THC less than 0.2%. Moreover, PhenoPen contains only pure 100% hemp extract as the carrier liquid and no PG, VG or MCT oils.

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3 Things You Need To Check Before Buying CBD This Christmas

The nascent industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, offering a range of products for use in the therapeutic application of a variety of conditions. However, with an estimated 12 million different CBD products on the market, buyers need to beware and aware of what they’re purchasing

The fact that the CBD industry is for the time being wholly unregulated isn’t a great thing for consumers. Even some of the most dangerous and damaging human hazards are brought to consumers in a regulated way. Take tobacco and alcohol as examples of things that cost thousands of lives per year. While both tobacco and alcohol are known to be dangerous and cause no end of troubles for society, they are regulated and can only be sold if they follow industry guidelines. That is not the case for CBD, even though reputable vendors do what they can to be transparent when it comes to things like the source of the CBD and third-party lab-tests.

With Christmas just around the corner and knowing that many will be buying CBD as gifts for loved ones and friends during the festive season, we’re bringing you five timely tips on what to check for before purchasing CBD.

CBD Oil or CBD Vape Liquid?

The first point of order to discuss is the difference between CBD oil tinctures (AKA CBD drops), and CBD vape liquid (AKA CBD Vape Juice). While both contain CBD, they are very different when it comes to both the delivery method and the effects. CBD oil cannot be vaped, and CBD vape liquid cannot be ingested, and it’s important not to get the two mixed up. CBD oil, generally used under the tongue as a tincture, is seed oil-based, and that makes it suitable for consumption and sublingual use.

When CBD oil drops are taken, bear in mind that it takes up to two hours for the active compounds to take effect. That’s due to the long journey the CBD needs to take through the digestive tract and ultimately into the bloodstream. CBD vape liquid is usually based in carrier liquids called PG and VG, but sometimes in pure hemp extract liquid (as with PhenoPen CBD). When CBD is vaped in a suitable device and in the right doses, it takes effect immediately and peaks within minutes. This is thanks to the active compounds entering the bloodstream instantly through inhalation into the lungs.

Cannabis or Hemp-Derived CBD?

When it comes to the source of the CBD, this is a vital factor that needs to be taken into consideration. This surrounds whether the CBD is extracted from cannabis or hemp plants. CBD that comes from cannabis and is only legal in some states (and is illegal federally) is often called “full-spectrum” and contains more than the legal limit of 0.2% THC – the psychoactive compound in the plant. The overwhelming majority of CBD products, whether in tinctures, vape juices or topicals, and creams, are derived only from hemp plants, which are specially cultivated to contain less than the requisite 0.2% THC.

When it comes to buying CBD to be used as a therapeutic application, you’ll want to ensure you are purchasing CBD extract that’s grown by an approved farm, is organic, and comes from hemp, not from cannabis. As mentioned already, most CBD oils and vape juices will come from hemp and not from cannabis, but it’s something you need to check for in advance just to be on the safe side. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with THC per se, simply that some people want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hemp but without the “high” that comes when THC.

Reputable Third-Party Lab-Tests

Due to the CBD industry not being regulated and with such a lack of oversight on products, one of the most essential pieces of the puzzle is third-party lab-test results, carried out by a reputable hemp and cannabis testing laboratory. These labs charge CBD manufacturers a premium and test for things like cannabinoid profile, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and other chemicals such as . Lab testing is vital when it comes to cosmetics, creams, wellness supplements, and the like to ensure that the final product on the shelf is safe for use and presents no threat to health. This also applies to CBD, whether in vape oil form or CBD drops or topicals.

It’s even better if the lab tests are carried out on a batch-by-batch basis, which the very best CBD manufacturers will do as a matter of course. By checking batch-by-batch, those in the CBD industry avoid doubt when it comes to the safety of their products. It may affect the bottom line for CBD vendors in general, however, when it comes to buying that CBD gift for Christmas, it’s all-important and essential.

Which CBD For Christmas?

If you’re in the market for some CBD this Christmas, whether as a special for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend, make sure you follow the above advice. Never purchase CBD without lab-tests and correct labeling. Always choose CBD from reputable vendors and never buy it from gas stations or street markets. If immediate and from symptoms is the order of the day, it’s well worth checking out PhenoPen’s premium CBD vape liquid. With PhenoPen, you get approximately 1mg of CBD, other minor cannabinoids, and terpenes per puff.

For more information on how PhenoPen can help you, check out our website: or go straight to our “buy now” page on the PhenoPen website.

New Study Finds Vaping Doesn’t Weaken Immune System Like Smoking

With all the negative headlines in the media these days surrounding , after fell sick and even died from tainted vape juice, a new study has concluded something good about vaping, especially when compared to smoking tobacco.

Scientists from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette gave mice a strong dose of Streptococcus pneumoniae – the strain that leads to the majority of cases of pneumonia caught commonly by people in the street or workplace. The crux of the study carried out on the mice was that vaping appeared to have less of a negative effect on the immune system than smoking. And while smoking tobacco increases the risk of catching pneumonia, vaping does not seem to do the same. While tobacco smoke can activate genes of the bacteria and lead to issues, according to the study, vapor did not.

The recent controversy concerning vaping hit hard and has left many people sick or, worse still, deceased. Since the start of 2019, more than 2,000 people in the U.S. have become ill from vaping, while 47 people across 25 states have lost their lives. The concerns almost exclusively surround tainted vape juice from pre-filled cartridges that contained – the psychoactive compound in and . The cases were not reported from those nicotine vapes (which have been on the market for a decade and caused no major issues) or from people who vape CBD – the therapeutic, non-psychoactive element in cannabis and hemp.

According to a Daily Mail report, Dr. Ritwij Kulkarni, the corresponding author and an assistant professor of immunology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, explained, “We don’t know the e-cigarette vapor has on us or our microbiome. Since our lab’s focus is bacterial respiratory infections, we decided to work on pneumococcus, which is a deadly pathogen and a colonizer of the upper respiratory tract,” he said. At the same time, it’s no secret that smoking increases the risk of pneumonia, as a 1999 American College of Chest Physicians study found. That study found that people who were smoking 20 cigarettes per day or more were three times more likely to catch pneumonia than people who never smoked cigarettes.

Being that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that pneumonia leads to the deaths of around 50,000 Americans annually, it is considered officially to be one of the leading causes of death in terms of contracted infections. The recent study on mice looked closely at gene expression patterns in the mice, who were given either e-liquid vapor with nicotine, e-liquid vapor without nicotine, and cigarette smoke. The findings were interesting and quite compelling, even if they were only results from mice. The researchers found that e-liquid vapor without nicotine “switched on” just 14 genes. E-liquid with nicotine activated 264 genes, and smoke from tobacco switched on 982 genes. Of those genes, most were in some way involved in response, and that’s one factor that increases the likelihood of getting an infection.

As Dr. Kulkarni concluded, according to the same report, “Our work is part of a long series of observations coming from a number of research labs trying to define what effects e-cigarette vapor exposure may have on human health and to differentiate between the effects of flavoring chemicals and nicotine.” At the same time, according to Carlos A. Gonzalez, Ph.D., who published the previous research related to smoking and pneumonia, smoke from tobacco causes oxidative stress and alters responses of inflammatory cells.

It was only a matter of time before researchers would set up experiments to check the safety and dangers of vaping as compared to smoking, especially in light of the recent and grave vaping controversy.  “Our work is part of a long series of observations coming from a number of research labs trying to define what effects e-cigarette vapor exposure may have on human health, and to differentiate between the effects of flavoring chemicals and nicotine,” added Dr. Kulkarni, “Exposure to cigarette smoke is a key risk factor for pneumonia because it affects the physiology and immune responses of the respiratory tract and augments the virulence of pathogens colonizing the nasopharyngeal mucosa,” according to the report.

The latest study is a step in the right direction for vaping, and especially for vapers who have given up smoking cigarettes and were concerned about the recent controversy. The best advice, for now, is still to stay away from THC-based e-liquids and cartridges until further clarification is forthcoming from bodies like the FDA and CDC. Bear in mind that PhenoPen contains no THC and is made from 100% pure hemp extract with no other additives, solvents or heavy metals. Each PhenoPen cartridge contains 300mg of CBD at a concentration of 59.7% per 500mg cartridge for and long-lasting CBD relief.

For more information on how PhenoPen can help you, check out our website: or go straight to our “buy now” page on the PhenoPen website.

Here’s What To Do If Vaping CBD Makes You Cough

around the world and from a range of walks of life vape for a variety of reasons. While some vape CBD due to its potent effects, others do so because they require immediate from their symptoms

CBD has risen to popularity in recent years as people around the world turn in their droves towards , herbal remedies in favor of prescription medication solutions. While many people have been attending doctors’ offices for years, willingly taking whatever patented chemical pill the doctor suggests, some have grown wiser and are opting for natural solutions over drugs. CBD is one such natural solution, and it’s taking the world by storm for some very good reasons.

Why Vape CBD?

There are many different ways to take CBD as it comes in various forms and a variety of delivery methods. There’s full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate, and they all vary in some subtle ways. However, for the purposes of this discussion, many people prefer to vape CBD over other consumption methods such as CBD oil drops or edibles. This is because when CBD is ingested and needs to endure the long and treacherous path through the digestive system, it takes time for the compound to enter the bloodstream and take full effect. Aside from the fact that many people vape CBD as a way of giving up smoking cigarettes, it’s the preferred intake method for many but especially those wanting rapid and potent relief.

Why Can CBD Make You Cough?

CBD isn’t the culprit here when it comes to coughing when vaping. The majority of liquids are full or broad-spectrum, and that means they contain other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. These terpenes can irritate the throat and lead to coughing and even choking in the worst cases. Another factor here is the fact that CBD, along with terpenes and suspended in a pure hemp liquid or food-grade carriers known as PG and VG, has a distinct flavor, and not everyone’s into it. CBD tastes nutty and earthy, and while it also has a sweetness to it, it can be considered something of an acquired taste. Those new to need to get used to the slight irritation on the throat and the interesting flavor in order to benefit from the therapeutic compound inside.

Minimizing Coughing From Vaping

One way to reduce coughing when vaping CBD is to choose (such as ) products that contain only hemp and no additives or other liquid carriers. MCT oil is also considered to be milder on the throat and lungs than PG and VG and is also a good choice for those sensitive to vaping or for CBD beginners. Choosing a clean, third-party lab-tested CBD vape liquid is the best thing to do. You’ll also need to ensure that your vape pen is fully charged and that the tank is filled with your chosen CBD liquid. Having a cold glass of water or a hot tea handy is also recommended as oftentimes irritation, and coughing is caused by a dry throat.

  • Choose pure hemp extract CBD liquid
  • Secondarily, opt for MCT instead of PG and VG Liquids
  • Vape only reputable, third-party tested CBD 
  • Keep a glass of water or a hot drink handy when vaping

Vaping Pure Hemp CBD Extract

One of the best ways to avoid throat irritation and coughing for some people is by choosing a vape juice that’s made from pure hemp extract. PhenoPen is a premium CBD vaping device that works well for some folks suffering from inflammation, pain, insomnia, and anxiety, among other conditions. Some people use PhenoPen CBD as part of a healthy lifestyle regime or just to enjoy their day feeling alert and calm or as a mood booster.PhenoPen contains a proprietary blend of CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes, crafted to target the endocannabinoid system in humans. Moreover, PhenoPen contains 59.7% CBD content and 300mg of CBD per 500mg cartridge. That translates to roughly 1mg of finest CBD per puff, and that’s a great way to monitor intake and control dosing.

If you’re interested in finding out more PhenoPen and how CBD could benefit you, check out the website, If you’re ready to purchase and want to check out the great prices we’re offering for our finest CBD, visit the PhenoPen Store.

Why Comprehensive Third-Party Lab Test Results Are Vital For Vapers

When it comes to protecting one’s , nothing can be more important than ensuring that the things you put into your body are safe. That’s the very reason why many people turn to instead of smoking in the first place. However, due to vaping being an unregulated industry for the time being, one of the only safety nets vapers have is bonafide third-party lab results.

The last thing anyone wants is to be inhaling heavy metals, solvents, or nasty pesticides, and that’s one reason why those independent lab results are so vital. Any reputable company within the world of CBD will go to lengths to ensure their products are rigorously tested by objective, third-party labs who are approved and well-respected in the industry. Lab results are a vital part of the puzzle when buying CBD, and that’s down to the fact that the vaping industry is unregulated. Without going into too much detail here, there are no FDA standards for CBD in vape or nicotine vape liquids as they are still not approved products. That’s why the most reputable CBD (and nicotine) vape manufacturers send their products to approved labs for testing.

Controversial Vaping Reports

Recent news reports have been worrying for vapers, and even that’s an understatement. Uninformed reporting from certain mainstream media outlets made out that the numerous lung injuries from vaping reported applied to all vaping products. However, as it turns out, according to a recent announcement from the FDA, all of the cases of respiratory issues and tragic fatalities came from liquid and not from nicotine or CBD products. The culprit causing the lung issues, which affected more than a thousand people in one way or another, is thought to be a called “vitamin E acetate.” The FDA tested hundreds of THC-based E-liquids, and many of them contained this chemical, which is seemingly harmful to humans when vaporized.

Substantial Lab Tests

While traditional lab testing analyzes the carrier liquids in E-liquid, it also offers a profile where THC or CBD vapes are concerned. But, more importantly still, are the tests for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, molds, fungi, and most importantly, vitamin E acetate. It’s also advisable to only purchase products from companies who test their materials on a batch-by-batch basis. It isn’t cheap for companies to do that, but the best ones in the industry do so to offer their customers extra peace of mind. Checking for microbiological contaminants batch-by-batch is certainly “best practice,” especially in the unregulated vaping environment of today.

Reading Results

Reading lab test results correctly is another vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to buying vaping products and especially juices. The cannabinoid profile will inform you of the amounts and percentages of CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes in the plant that are in the sample. The tests confirming no heavy metals, pesticides, or solvents are in the mix are reasonably straight forward and are displayed in an easy to understand format on the official test documents. Usually, the word “pass” will be shown clearly in the results next to the heavy metals and other environmental contaminants that could have found their way into the product.

Vitamin E Acetate (Tocopherol) Testing

In light of the recent lung issues which spanned 25 states and affected both men and women of all ages, possibly the most vital lab test to look out for (and to insist on) is the one for Tocopherol – the technical term for vitamin E acetate. It costs extra for companies to commission this additional testing, and even though it’s thought to only apply to THC-based liquids, one should err on the side of caution in any event. More and more vape suppliers are having their products tested for vitamin E acetate, as they should, and customers should verify these results exist before purchasing vaping products online or from dispensaries.

Why Choose ?

PhenoPen is a premium CBD vaping experience that’s great for people suffering from inflammation, pain, insomnia, and . It’s also good for people who want to remain calm in stressful situations, and for those wanting something than can help to improve their mood. PhenoPen’s sleek, high-quality vape pen contains a proprietary blend of CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes. But the special thing about PhenoPen is that there’s no PG, VG, or MCT carrier liquids in the mix, just 100% . PhenoPen contains 59.7% CBD content and 300mg of CBD per 500mg cartridge. That translates to roughly 1mg of finest CBD per puff, and that’s handy when it comes to controlling the right CBD dose for you.

PhenoPen’s most recent batch of CBD has been rigorously tested by DB Labs in Las Vegas, and we’re pleased to confirm that our proprietary hemp extract vape contains no heavy metals, solvents, fungi or vitamin E acetate. You can view the full DB Labs results in a clear and concise format in PDF form at this link: DB labs – PhenoPen – Hemp Extract Test Results – 23.10.2019

New FDA Vape Test Results Validate Products Like PhenoPen 

Many people are relieved that the FDA has finally released its preliminary findings regarding devastating lung issues caused by contaminated vape liquid. While the FDA’s findings are worrying, they’re also a small victory for nicotine vapers.

Vapers have had some serious cause for concern in recent months, with sometimes daily news headlines reporting another death caused by . Since the start of 2019, more than 1300 cases of lung issues connected with vaping had been reported in the US. Both the FDA and the (the Centers for Disease Control) have been scrambling for months to get a hold on the situation. At the same time, the whole tragic debacle left many in the vaping industry scratching their heads, trying to fathom what happened and why have been virtually zero lung issues associated with vaping since it was invented and brought market around a decade ago. With 1300 reported cases within a year and 28 of those ending in fatalities, it was evident to many that traditional nicotine vape liquid was most likely not the culprit here and that THC vapes were to blame.

Tainted Vape Liquid

Of the reported cases, 28 ended fatally, and almost all of those cases have been associated with vape juice containing THC (from ) and not from conventional nicotine products. In vaping talk, vape pods (also known as cartridges) are usually pre-filled or “closed” pod systems that contain vape liquid. Vape liquid (also known as E-juice, E-liquid, and Vape Juice) usually contains liquid carriers called PG and VG. These carriers are essential as they enable the nicotine or other active compounds to be turned from a liquid into vapor. From the vaping-related fatalities reported, there appears to have been an ingredient called , which was detected testing. Some assume that this ingredient is the culprit causing all the issues, while others are suggesting that vitamin E acetate may simply be a by-product of THC in vape form.

Black Market Vape Pods

The FDA’s preliminary findings from more than 1000 samples tested in laboratories and collected from 25 states where lung issues or fatalities were reported were interesting. The samples, collected by the FDA from vapers, hospitals, and other institutions, almost exclusively contained THC from cannabis and are most likely from black market vape pods containing a noxious liquid filler. The FDA’s website, where the announcement was made on November 8th, noted that  “The FDA has not found one product or substance that is involved in all of the cases; however, we do know that THC is present in most of the samples being tested.” That could explain why nicotine vapers seem to be unaffected by the latest crisis and that it’s those interested in (illegally purchased) cannabis products that have been affected.

Preliminary FDA Lab Findings

Here is a simple breakdown of the FDA’s findings from the samples tested according to the details provided by the FDA on their official website:

  • 850 of the samples collected were connected to lung issues in patients
  • 595 of the samples have been tested
  • 419 of the samples were found to contain THC
  • Half of those 419 THC-containing samples were found to contain a poisonous diluent called vitamin E acetate.
  • The percentages of vitamin E acetate found in samples tested ranged from 23% to 88%
  • 22% of the 419 samples tested were found to contain other diluents including MCT (medium-chain triglycerides)
  • At least 300 samples have been linked to more than 50 patients
  • 80% of these patients had associations with THC-based products
  • 74% of the reported cases contained vitamin E acetate

Vaping Safe E-Juice

In light of the FDA’s preliminary findings from samples tested, traditional nicotine vapers are feeling a little more relaxed. At the same time, those who benefit from – a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis and associated with various therapeutic uses – are also feeling vindicated by the FDA’s results. As it stands, even though the findings are not yet conclusive, THC vapes are the culprit here, and as long as those are avoided, there should be zero health issues from vaping.

Due to the vaping crisis, even though the PhenoPen scientists knew that our pure hemp extract was safe, we wanted to err on the side of caution and carry out substantial lab tests. Our intention here was primarily to ensure that our vape juice contains no vitamin E acetate, heavy metals, or other dangerous chemicals. We were thrilled when the lab tests, carried out by the renowned DB Labs in Las Vegas, came back completely clean. As well as showing a detailed profile, the test results also confirm there are no nasties in PhenoPen extract, and that includes various molds, solvents, and vitamin E acetate.

The new PhenoPen test results carried out at the end of October 2019, offer great peace of mind to existing PhenoPen customers and new ones alike. We instructed DB Labs to carry out special tests for various pesticides and Plant Growth Regulators. We also tested explicitly for vitamin E acetate and were pleased to confirm what we already knew; that PhenoPen’s proprietary 100% pure hemp extract is safe to vape and poses no threat to health at all.

You can view the full DB Labs results in a clear and concise format in PDF form at this link: DB labs – PhenoPen – Hemp Extract Test Results – 23.10.2019

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