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Why Is CBD Content In Vape Liquid So Important?

CBD Content

Do you know how much CBD you’re getting per puff from when you vape? It depends on a number of factors, such as CBD concentration, the volume of inhalation and duration of the puff.  You need to know what you’re vaping if you want to get the dose just right.

CBD has risen to popularity in recent years and is the favored natural remedy for thousands of people, treating a variety of different ailments. While some people use CBD to deal with symptoms of anxiety, others use it to treat pain from inflammation and insomnia. The true therapeutic (and potentially medical) benefits of CBD are still a bit of a mystery as researchers slowly reveal its application for treating many more conditions, including severe and chronic ones.

CBD Concentration Explained

When purchasing CBD oil tinctures, vape juices or edibles, each product (bottle) contains different amounts of CBD in terms of concentration, often referred to as ‘CBD percentage.’ CBD percentage is one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle when it comes to buying the right CBD – whether online or from a retail outlet. There’s overall CBD content which is the total number of milligrams contained in the product. Then, there’s the CBD concentration as a percentage and also the amount of CBD per ‘dose.’

  • CBD Concentration (%) – It’s possible to tell how much CBD there is inside a CBD oil tincture or vape liquid by the percentage. Taking PhenoPen as an example, the products contain approximately 59.7% of CBD per cartridge. That means that the other 40% is comprised of other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and pure hemp extract in this case.
  • Overall CBD Content (mg) – The overall CBD content in a product you purchase is one of the main things to look out for. Whether it’s CBD Vape Liquid or Oil Tinctures, the total amount of CBD in milligrams (mg) should be displayed prominently on the label of the product or on the website.  With PhenoPen, there’s a potent 300mg overall CBD content per vape cartridge.
  • CBD Per Dose – Without getting caught up or confused by the terminology here, this refers to the dose (amount) of CBD per capsule, per dropper or per puff, depending on whether it’s a CBD Oil Tincture or CBD Vape Juice. There are roughly 300 puffs per PhenoPen cartridge so that means approximately 1mg of CBD per puff.

The Right CBD Concentration

It’s not really possible to define the right CBD concentration as it differs from person to person, on the condition being treated, and a number of other factors. The key is to find the right CBD concentration for yourself and once that’s achieved you can enjoy the full benefits of CBD in the most effective way possible. There a number of factors to take into account when it comes to finding the perfect CBD concentration and these include other factors such as the volume of inhalation, length of puffs, and lung capacity. Based on these factors (and others) one can expect anywhere between 1-3mg of CBD per puff on a premium vaping device (or vape liquid). The more commercial, everyday brands usually come in at less than 0.3mg of CBD per puff.

  • Choosing CBD Vape Liquid – The first step in this process is purchasing CBD Vape Liquid (or pre-filled cartridge/pod systems) with a reasonable CBD concentration inside. As a rough rule of thumb, CBD Vape Liquid is generally sold in 30ml bottles and comes in concentrations ranging from 250mg-1500mg CBD. Beginners are advised to start with lower concentrations, titrating upwards to find their sweet spot. More advanced CBD users will opt for higher concentrations in their vape, in order to achieve more potent effects.
  • Titrating With CBD – While dosing refers to the precise amount of the active compound taken, titration refers to finding the right dose that works to relieve symptoms. When it comes to vaping CBD, titrating to the correct level is fairly straightforward and doesn’t need to take more than just a few days. One simply takes a puff or two of their CBD and then waits for a few minutes to see if it’s worked or if additional puffs are required. As CBD enters the lungs when vaped and therefore makes its way into the bloodstream rapidly, its effects are felt almost instantly and peak within just a few minutes.
  • Dose Accordingly – For anxiety sufferers, life can be treacherous on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean the anxiety remains constant or at the same levels. As with any ailment or condition, sometimes the anxiety is worse and sometimes it’s not as bad. The exact same principle applies to insomniacs, people suffering from inflammation and those wanting relief from general aches and pains. If the anxiety isn’t so rampant, perhaps just three puffs from the vape pen will suffice. On a bad day, that number may increase to six or seven, and that’s the beauty of vaping taking CBD in vape form.

Why Vape CBD?

In terms of bioavailability, vaping CBD is the most efficient and most effective way of taking the natural plant compound into the system. Bioavailability refers to the amount of active ingredients absorbed into the body, and CBD vape is thought to deliver the most substantial amount, and more than when taken orally in tinctures or edibles. As it stands, upwards of 56% of the active compound enters the system when vaped, as opposed to lower percentages when CBD is ingested. That translates to up to 5 times the amount of CBD when vaped over other delivery methods.

You need to be careful when it comes to buying the right CBD vape product to meet your needs. For example, say you purchase a 30ml bottle of 1000mg CBD concentration vape liquid; that equates to roughly 33mg of CBD per 1ml of vape juice. That is very much on the mild side, and a significant number of puffs would be required by most people to feel any effects. For those seeking more potent relief from their symptoms, there are numerous disposable CBD vape cartridges on the market. Many of these contain 1ml of vape liquid and 250mg of CBD; that equates to 250mg of CBD per 1ml and is significantly stronger than the previous example.

Why Vape PhenoPen?

Having explained more in detail about the importance of CBD concentrations in vape juice, we want to tell you why PhenoPen is a great choice. For those needing fast and effective relief from conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation, PhenoPen is a natural choice. As well as containing only 100% Pure Hemp Extract as the carrier liquid, PhenoPen’s proprietary cartridges contain an unprecedented 300mg of CBD per 0.5ml. Apart from the Pure Hemp Extract and high CBD content (59.7%), PhenoPen contains other minor cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp plants. With PhenoPen, you get approximately 1mg of CBD per puff, and that makes it simple and straightforward to titrate with.

If you’re interested in a premium CBD vape experience and are looking for powerful and long-lasting effects, it’s well worth checking out the PhenoPen. PhenoPen also represents amazing value for money as one cartridge equates to roughly one ounce (28g) of extracted CBD flowers.

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