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PayPal CBD policy 2021


Paying for your order via Paypal

Many of you asked why we not working with PayPal.

Paypal’s terms and conditions of use are not explicit. Though we cannot determine the exact cause for the suspension, we do know the issue is related to CBD products. We only work with products deemed legal by European regulation standards, and all our CBD products contain less than 0.2 % THC. This amount of THC is well below the 0.3% threshold above which the product would be considered psychoactive. Our CBD is 100% safe and in no way, shape, or form a narcotic.

Paypal account suspension

Our professional account was suspended, and all existing funds are blocked from being used. This was a hard first blow for a small, growing business like us.

Paypal also reserves the right to freeze personal accounts of managers and employees belonging to the company without a valid explanation. This implies that Paypal could also easily target and block our customer accounts while keeping the funds. This is a situation we’d like to avoid at all costs.

Why avoid Paypal?

Due to their unpredictable policies,  we will not be able to offer Paypal as a method of payment on the Phenolife product site. Based on their policies shared above, it will be complicated for us to recover the money which was unfairly taken from our company.

The future of the CBD market is unfolding in North America, Europe, and internationally. Even if Paypal chooses to change their highly restrictive policies we will still avoid working with them on principle. Services like Paypal may seem user-friendly and secure for customers, but behind the scenes is a different story that can harm both businesses and customers.

Alternatives to Paypal

At PhenoLife, you may not be able to pay via Paypal but we offer a secure payment method for credit cards:

Credit card payments via Paytriot – Paytriot Payments are registered directly with Visa and MasterCard to provide an all in one payment solution

You also have the possibility to use a bank transfer, which is slightly slower but secure.

We are always looking to improve ourselves so that you can enjoy high-quality CBD products with top customer service. We are currently looking to add more payment methods for your comfort and convenience.

What about the buyers’ guarantee?

At Phenolife, we offer the “received or returned” guarantee. The principle is simple: from the moment you place an order, we promise to deliver, resend or refund your products in the event of any problems or dissatisfaction. We believe our policy is better and more secure than a buyer’s guarantee.

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